CO-HOST: Dr. Carmela Roybal

Salud is health.  Querencia is belonging, yearning, longing for where the heart is, it’s emotional and cultural, it’s a place one feels drawn to and at home. The combined meaning of salud and querencia gives rise to what is at the core of The Health Equity Council’s Salud y Querencia Web Talk show.  

The Health Equity Council (HEC) engages community members to detect local health issues and address their root causes. Our Salud y Querencia Web Talk show series is one way we do this.

Each talk is an informal conversation between Indigenous, public health expert, Dr. Carmela Roybal, and invited guests with health-related experience. The talks aim to uncover the roots of
health inequities in our community, and to help build the relationships needed to address them. Salud means health and querencia means belonging.

Join us on zoom or Facebook live to go deeper, uproot health inequities and create a community where everyone’s health belongs.

CO-HOST: Diana Lopez