Marcus J Porter is the Senior Community Initiatives Manager for Network Services at Roadrunner Food bank. He is responsible for maintaining compliance in safety while providing high standards in service to our fellow community members across several hundred agencies in 16 counties of New Mexico.  Marcus joined Roadrunner during the height of the pandemic in July of 2020, determined to continue his work in the nonprofit realm. Prior to Roadrunner, Marcus was a board member for five years at the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico where he became Vice President of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Development Committee. Working to provide permanent housing to those in need went hand-in-hand with the idea of also ending food insecurity. Due to his own upbringing where he experienced poverty but also the resilience that can exist when the right opportunities arise, Marcus Porter has become a tireless advocate for civil rights, food justice, and equitable treatment of each and every one of our neighbors here in New Mexico.