In 2022 the Bernalillo County Urban Ag Project with the support of the Health Equity Council received $75,000 from the EPA for a Neighborhood Food Hub project. The NFH project was a 4 points of engagement model to engage, educate, and support neighborhood leaders in the community on local growing initiatives, air quality and environmental justice issues in the International District.
Data is currently being collected as described in our EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for air quality monitoring at 5 Bernalillo County Urban Ag Project sites and soil testing at 2 of these same sites. Data hub specialist, Cynthia Jacobs has been compiling raw data to make maps and surveys as well as participants’ stories and experiences through the EPA proposal to create a compelling report by 2023.

  1. Support 10 Neighborhood Food Hub Committee Members with stipends to discuss food equity in the ID and create and run the Whittier/ID Food Hub
  2. We paid for 9 interns as a part of the Youth Neighborhood Ambassador Program in Spring of 2022 out of Wilson Middle School
  3. Supported 7 interns with curriculum and leadership as a part of the Youth Air Quality Monitoring Project in Summer 2022 out of Van Buren Middle School
  4. Mounted 6 PM 2.5 AQM at Bernalillo County Community Urban Ag Project Sites and City of Albuquerque’s NCore Multipollutant Monitoring Site at Del Norte High School
  5. 1 ozone monitor at East Central Ministries
  6. Soil testing for toxicity and arability at 2 Bernalillo County Community Urban Ag Site

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