The Health Equity Council strives to improve the health and wellbeing of all Bernalillo County residents and neighborhoods through a variety of strategies and activities: 

  • By developing a Community Health Profile to identify and map our community’s health resources, needs and characteristics. 
  • By identifying and prioritizing important issues related to individual, familial, school and neighborhood health. 
  • By working in partnership with other individuals, groups and agencies to promote health awareness and to provide community education about health issues.
  • By creating action plans, strategies and activities to achieve the systemic changes needed to meet the varied health needs of all Bernalillo County residents.

The Council has developed this Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to advise the City of Albuquerque on health issues and to help create frameworks, policies, and programs to achieve health equity. The plan should also serve as a guiding document for the policy-making system to view health as central to all services, to build a public health system, incorporate health in all policies, and develop strategies to address the health needs of the community.